A Bit About…Me

I am a MA International Media Business graduate from University of Westminster, UK. I come from China, and I am Cantonese. If you don’t know what Cantonese means, just think about people in Hong Kong. FYI, Hong Kong is part of PRC. Don’t ask me again. Some people don’t understand why Chinese people always emphasise the area they come from, but just imagine, in a such big place as China, the life style could vary from the coastline to the inner land. And since we have so many people in China, it is understandable that people want to make themselves different from another.

The reason I start this blog as World Wide Talker is because I write about wide range of topics from Media between China and the UK, to New Media Development, to Augmented Reality, or simply just about new technologies or Chinese culture.

I would like to get to know different things as much as I can. Yes, I want to get to know the world just for the sake of it. Why not? If you think deep enough about the meaning of life, you will find there’s no meaning of it. Things live and die, so what? Yet there’s one species that wants to ‘make the most out of the process’. That’s exactly why I am talking about this right now. Let’s make the most of it.


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