2 comments on “Prostitution – Whose Fault Is This?

  1. Save for a few missing conjunctions, this is thought provoking, n while you mention prostitution as being somewhat responsible for alleviating rapes, does not rape exist in prostitution? Are commercial sex workers not subjected to very ‘mean’ demands by clients, mostly by threatening physical violence, simply because the latter is paying? Or that type of rape don’t matter because there’s a willing seller willing buyer agreement already in place??

    • I am not saying the rape in this industry doesn’t matter. Yet if legalising sex industry, there’s standard what people can and cannot do with prostitutes. Under the circumstances of no law protection, no matter what the clients did tithe prostitutes, nothing can protect them from getting harmed. But maybe I am very optimistic, where if it is legalised, prostitutes can go for help if they were mistreated. Only if, the law is willing to protect whoever live and work on this piece of land. Additionally, as I said at the end of my post, the problem is not prostitution, but the darkness of the society which lust flows around and some people are just immoral.

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