One comment on “Tech Fan Excitement

  1. Apple’s new look in iOS 7 is a refreshing update, although in some sense it feels like it is following the trend set by in particular Windows 8 rather than setting the trend. I do like the fact that they have got rid of their “retro” look for the calendar and other everyday utilities – which apparently Jonathan Ive, who has now moved from designing not just the hardware but the software as well, didn’t like – but am not so keen on their very minimal icon design.

    This is a good comparison of various screens:-

    And this is a good discussion of the change in icon design:-

    I like some of the icon changes, but am not so keen on others. For example, the new phone icon looks a little too child friendly which is the gist of the article.

    Cheers Simon Buckingham, Creative Director, Icecandy Entertainment

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